FAQ Celotex Insulation – What insulation for what insulation application

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Celotex is one of the main manufacturers of insulation board and insulated plasterboard. Their products are of high quality and are of a high performance which aims to be able to provide a suitable insulation solution for your build.

The Celotex ranges include TB4000 insulation board 12mm – 40mm , GA4000 insulation board 50mm -100mm, XR4000 insulation board 110mm-200mm, PL4000 insulated plasterboard 37.5mm – 72.5mm.

So what does Celotex recommend for your build? Let’s take some examples of where you might be looking to install insulation and find a suitable Celotex product for you as recommend by Celotex itself.

  • Insulation for balconies and terraces-
    • The XR4000 Insulation from Celotex is the perfect insulation for this insulation. It is available in a variety of thicknesses from 110mm to 200mm. Works well for insulation installations for walls, roofs, and floors.
  • Insulation for basements
    • The PL4000 range is a high-performance product that is plasterboard a thermal laminate perfect for drylining applications. This range is available in thickness of 15mm- 65mm.
  • Block and beam Insulation
    • Two ranges can help you find the suitable product fit for your build. These ranges are the XR4000 and the GA4000. GA4000 is similar to the XR4000 and is available in thickness to 50-100mm.
  • Insulating between and over rafters
    • GA4000 and TB4000 and two product ranges that we will be the solution for you. TB4000 is available in thickness between 12 and 40 mm. The TB400 range is a high-performance PIR that addresses thermal bridging.
  • Between and under joists
    • GA4000, PL4000, and XR4000
  • Between and under Rafters
    • GA4000
  • Between rafters
    • GA4000, XR4000
  • Concrete slab floors
    • GA4000, XR4000
  • Garage conversions
    • GA4000, PL4000
  • Internal solid walls
    • PL4000
  • Loft conversions
    • GA4000
  • Loft insulation

    • GA4000, XR4000
  • Partition fill masonry cavity walls.
    • CW400 is the insulation solution for you this PIR insulation is Celotex product for your. CW4000 is available in a number of thicknesses from 40 -100mm.
  • Pitched roof sarking
    • GA4000, XR4000
  • Single timber frame wall lining
    • GA4000
  • Steel stud frame walls
    • GA4000, TB4000
  • Suspended timber floors
    • GA400, XR4000
  • Timber frame wall lining
    • GA4000, TB4000
  • Timber frame wall sheathing
    • GA400, TB4000
  • Top up cavity walls
    • PL4000
  • Upgrading concrete floors
    • XR4000

As you can see there a vast variety of insulation products that Celotex has to offer you. There is a solution for your every building need. The ranges listed above are highly versatile and easily available. Celotex does not fail to provide you.

Celotex has been a long-standing company, are market leaders in the industry. They have a number of competitors namely, Kingspan, Knauf, Rockwool, and Isover. Each brand works to provide the best in their field of expertise. We can provide you with the options of what’s available, but it’s your choice who you choose. Whatever you choose we will provide you with a professional service.

We hope that this article helps you and we look forward to being of service to you.

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Other Insulation brands include – Actis, Isover, Knauf, Rockwool, Kingspan, TLX

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