Plasterboard & Insulated Plasterboard

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Plasterboard & Insulated Plasterboard

Plasterboard can be as it is or it can be insulated. It possible to choose the perfect option to suit your build, they can be altered to suit your needs. Explore some of these products, there are few manufacturers that show us the options that are available.

What is plasterboard?

A widely used product in today’s construction and building industry. Commonly used on internal walls and ceilings. But it comes with added advantages to help the site meet building regulations and improve performance for example plasterboard can provide fire protection, acoustic properties, control humidity and thermal efficiency.

What is insulated plasterboard?

As the name suggests this is a two in one product that has a sheet of plasterboard and a sheet of insulation. It is used in internal walls and has a variety of options to suit your build. Many builders use this as a way to reduce the thickness.

What are the options?

The plasterboard can be square edged or tapered, in addition to this, there is a range of sizes.  As explained above there are a number of properties the board can have in order to improve its performance here are some examples:-

Wallboard – A popular choice used in partitions and lining systems.

Plank – Has great acoustic properties, used in floors and partitions.

Vapour Panel – Has a foil laminate, which provides an effective vapour barrier.

Fire Panel – This is a cladding component in partitions and lining systems.

Moisture Panel – Used in internal areas of high humidity such as kitchens, toilet and bathrooms.

Soundsheild plus – An all in one product which is offers enhanced acoustics properties, fire resistant and sound reduction.

Core Board – Commonly used with shaft wall systems,

Who are the manufacturers?

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